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PDF File Merger

Portable Document Format is an open standard for documents exchange. This file format is created by Adobe and is used for representing documents in a manner independent of application, Hardware, And operating system. Portable Document Format files are quickly and easily created, secured, compactable, self-contained and the best way to transfer data from one place to another. We can create complex documents like brochures, e-books, data sheets, manuals etc with just few clicks and make it presentable.

There are many instances, When user finds it difficult to deal with large sized Portable Document Format files. Thanks to some email-clients that refuse to send or receive huge files. Portable Document Format PDF Merger and Splitter is one such utility that lets the user manage documents with ease. Split Merge PDF utility is specifically devised to handle issues related with big size document. The tool is efficient in splitting the bulky Portable Document Format files into a single PDF Splitter File, and giving complete access to the user.

Outsized PDF documents become manageable with this software and the user can perform various copying, editing and transferring functions on the documents easily. Split Merge PDF tool has an interactive user interface, which makes it a favorite among technical as well as non-technical users. You can Split the PDF file in number of pages, by page range, by size, by even or odd pages. Original formatting and structure of the content remains unchanged. This tool is valid for all types of PDF Splitter Files. It is the best software to manage the large files that take extra time in loading or transferring.

Supported Platforms:

The software is compatible with all versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Free Demo Software:

PDF Merger and Splitter Tool is available in free demo trial versions as well. By downloading the trial version, one can see what the whole software is about and how to use it. The demo software will only display red stamp in Splitted page and merge the file. To save the data through this utility Splitter and Merger tool, User will have to purchase the full software.

Key features of Software
  • Complete standalone utility, therefore it does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader to perform any operation.
  • Perform PDF Split and Merge on provided parameters by users.
  • Interactive user interface, it can be handled easily by technical and non-technical users.
  • Allow instant access to the user data.
  • Once files are Splitted into smaller chunks the sharing process becomes easier.
  • The tool is compatible with PDFs created with all versions of Adobe Acrobat and Reader.
  • User can add folder directly for merging PDF, hence, there is no need to select individual PDF file one by one.
  • PDFs can be Splitted on parameters like Split by Page, by Page Range, by Size (KB), by Even pages and by Odd pages.
  • The PDF files can be merged by selecting the required order of pages.
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